Monday, August 10, 2015


Our go-to date location is downtown Dallas. The scary traffic and 70 minutes of total driving is totally worth it for us. And Dallas has such cool spots, even for us who are not of drinking age yet. There's Steel City Pops, Method, The Bishop Arts District, and so much more...

So last month we documented one of our days in Dallas as we hopped from one place to another, enjoying coffee, macaroons, and juice.

We often take a "but first, coffee." approach to our dates, not just because we love coffee but also because it spurs conversation and kicks off the day right. So, our first stop was Davis Street Espresso, right off Bishop Arts, one of my favorites.

Gavin got a shot of espresso, and I - a latte.

I love these mugs and saucers! Gavin and I have been planning to invest in some of the same brand one day.

Of course, when in Dallas, one must dress for the occasion. At the time, it was almost fourth of July, so I wore a vintage-styled and patriotic outfit. Gavin looked dapper in blue, as always.

Then we walked over to Joy Macarons to get some of my favorite non-chocolatey sweets.

I felt like picking patriotic colors again... They were so so delicious -- I love this place!

After popping one in my mouth, we drove to Local Press + Brew, a picturesque smoothie, juice, and coffee bar.

I am obsessed with their minimalism and style. White, marble, wood, and gold are my absolute favorites.

If you're in Dallas, I highly recommend for you to check out these places. If you're on a budget, we found that $30 per person was just enough for both of us to get coffee, macarons, share juice, and also have a yummy lunch (try Spiral Diner) in between the macarons and juice.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 3, 2015


A recent event is quite worthy of posting about...
On July 5th, just as everyday this summer, I woke up telling myself, "It's not today. It's not today..." in an effort to maintain my hopes. That day, my friend Emily and I had planned to go to Denton, and I was the one who made the plans, so there was "no way that it's today." "It" as in Gavin's proposal.
So, I ate some breakfast, showered, and got ready. But something fishy was happening in our house -- I could feel it. I told myself it's just my nerves.

Then my mom knocked on my bedroom door. She was smiling and teary-eyed, holding a beautiful white and blue Unikko dress by Marimekko. And I knew. She said, "Someone anonymous delivered this just now, and you have to wear it to Denton today." So I started crying too.

I put it on, my family left to go somewhere, and my friend Emily came to pick me up. She said we needed to pick up a camera for our picture-taking in Denton, and begins to head over to Gavin's neighborhood.

I always imagined that I would have some time to process what was happening. Some proposals happen after having a dinner date or at the end of a scavenger hunt, during which the girl has time to realize what is actually going on. But Gavin loves surprises. So when Emily parked behind the Pugh's house and directed me to go through the back gate, there he was -- ready for me.

I walk into the backyard and he is as handsome as ever. Rachel, a really talented photographer and good friend of ours, was thankfully there to capture the moment.

I was half-laughing-half-crying the whole way through.

He expressed his love and desire to spend the rest of our lives together, pulled out the ring, and popped the question. I nodded and, through the tears, managed a "yes."

What made it absolutely perfect was the lovely, brunch-themed surprise engagement party that Gavin put on with the help of our family and friends. It was complete with pretty decorations, donuts, parfaits, Finnish pastries (voileipäkakkua, karjalanpiirakoita, pullia), blueberry pie, rum cake, and of course mimosas.

Just look how beautiful that table is!

Bradley, with his mad coffee skills, served us pour-overs.

We had such a blast and were thankful to everyone who came and contributed.
I was also so impressed -- but not surprised -- that Gavin pulled it off, and I'm really proud of him for it.

So here we are -- engaged!

You can also check out Gavin's blogpost about it right here: 


On a side note, it's sad how late this post is, and I apologize for that, but I have learned that summertime is nothing like it used to be now that I'm tiptoeing into adulthood. I've been working at a preschool, working with photography, taking summer classes, been involved with a student organization, and more recently been moving into my new apartment. So, down-time is at a minimum. I need a vacation from my vacation.
On another side note, yes, we are young, so we are setting the wedding date for after we have graduated from college in two years, just in case anyone was worried!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My sweet boyfriend, Gavin, and I took a trip down to Austin, TX, this weekend to celebrate the end of the school year -- having made it through the 1st year of our long-distance trek. Not only was it the perfect weekend, but I also got to document our activities and take some cool photos along the way. As you browse through the post, I'd recommend playing the following song in the background.

So, Friday evening, we arrive at Gavin's oldest brother's house. We got a warm welcome and went on a really nice double date with him and his girlfriend.

Saturday morning we began our adventuring. First, we grabbed some donuts and met with Gavin's friend, Andy, who I had been looking forward to meeting, finally! Our meeting place was the picturesque Seventh Flag Coffee house. 

Seventh Flag Coffee

Gavin's pour over

Next up was a trip to the Blanton Museum of Art, where Gavin proceeded to impress me with his knowledge of art, and I (hopefully) impressed him with my appreciation for it as well. It was a beautiful museum with many thought-provoking pieces.

Then, we changed into some more comfortable clothes, bought some picnic sandwiches from ADP, and headed out into the beautiful nature of Barton Creek Greenbelt.

At Greenbelt, Gavin stepped into some cactus sheds (poor guy). But fear not, my 20/20 vision and long nails came to the rescue. I also got freaked out by... anything and everything that flew near me (yes, even butterflies), but Gavin was patient and took good care of me.

That evening, we had plans to go out for a nice dinner, but we came up with the bright idea of ordering pizza and watching Parenthood on Netflix instead. Genius, right? I know. And it was perfect.

Sunday morning wouldn't have been Sunday morning without a proper brunch. So, we went to Elizabeth St. Cafe, which was such a charming little restaurant and bakery! They had a pretty big portion of my favorite foods: crepes, Nutella, macarons, vietnamese food, mimosas, parfaits... And on top of that, everything tasted amazing.

Our last stop was Vintage Heart Coffee for some yummy french press and tea.

All in all, it was a perfect, wonderful, relaxing, and adventurous weekend, and I wouldn't have rather been there with anyone else.  I'm pretty sure it also convinced me that I could live in Austin one day. 

You know what wasn't perfect though? Leaving him. This long-distance thing.
My drive back to Denton was quiet, cold, lonely, stormy, dark, and spooky. But I kept trying to tell myself, "The next time you see him, it'll be summer!" All that's in between is statistics homework, a research paper, a quiz, hanging out with friends, two finals, and moving back to Coppell. Just two more weeks.

And it's going to be a remarkable summer.