Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent buys

The sweater was bought for Gavin as an early Christmas present ($4, CCA)
I bought the purse for myself ($6, CCA). The button had the letter "P" for "Perlina" on it.

The dress ($12) was from *cough cough* Ross, which I have found to be a great place to look for treasures, thanks to Mom.
The white leggings are from H&M ($5)

Here's me with my new, festive scarf ($2, some thrift store) and new, white, Karen Scott sweater ($4, CCA)!

Adorable lace shirt form a thrift store that Gavin in and I went to. I don't remember the name of it. ($5)

Same store as above! ($4)

Super cute pair of jeans that I have received a lot of compliments about. ($16, Ross)

Since I have three pairs of black boots, I thought it was time for some brown ones... ($35, Charlotte Russe)
And a "field drab" shade of this jacket! ($130, American Eagle)

Rearranging around!

So, I did this a while ago, but I never got to post about it!

I moved my drawer under the red shelf, which I got from Canton at the beginning of the year, so that I could have this little assortment of things there.

Gavin has been getting into old cameras recently, and I, being a photography geek, adore that. He took some pretty cool polaroids!

I moved this to the corner of my room, added the candles (from Walgreens), the wooden flowers (from Canton), the bandana cloth (from my grandmother), and the heads (also from Canton).

After repositioning my bed, I moved my awkward, leaning bookcase to the most awkward corner of my room. But to make it a little more interesting, I set up the shelves a bit differently. They're a work in progress -- as is everything in my room, it seems.

I got this from CCA on my and Gavin's anniversary last March. I love it so much!

Here's the loft!

These little frames are still needing their pictures but I thought I would post them anyway. I got them from Honduras last summer! <3

This is also from Honduras. Isn't it beautiful? The bracelet that is on the cross was given to me by one of the kids at the orphanage. It was one of many moments that amazed me; I would complement people on their jewelry, pictures, crafts, whatever it was, and they would always ask if I wanted it and offer it to me. It was just a huge expression of humbleness, sharing, and love. So with that necklace, a boy insisted that I keep it.

With my newly organized shelf, I wanted to do something creative with my books. Here's what I did! Cute, huh?

The usual pictures are still there.

I took my babushkas off the shelf and placed them by the window. (: They remind me of Russia and my Armenian heritage.

These pictures were all already here.

Anything that I think is pretty and that droops, I'll hang here, by the thumbtacks that are holding my and Gavin's painting in place.

AND THE MOBILE! Probably my favorite piece of my room. I had some polaroid cards that I bought (from Urban Outfitters), too much neon pink yarn, and the first bouquet of flowers that Gavin ever got me. So I put em all together, and here's what came out of it! I've actually added little picture cards that I drew when I was really young.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Poor Gabiiin!

He got his wisdom teeth out on Monday. He was a little out of it.

Happy Black Friday!

I was going to make the title "Happy Thanksgiving" but it's 1:48am as I'm writing this so, yeah nevermind. You know how I wrote about being a bit too obsessed with psychology? Well, I just sent a facebook message to my boyfriend about taking a 10-20minute personality test ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT). That definitely indicates that I may have a problem.
Anyway, it's really cool. I do have to say, though, there are different types of personalities, and even as each person is super different, people can be somewhat categorized into those personality types. That test is basically a brief evaluation of which category one would fit into best. My result was Nurturer. Heeeeh :D This means that I tend to... "focus on the internal world... sensitive to the feelings of others... like the structure that comes with authority and have a strong sense of duty and work ethic... service oriented... sympathetic and tie their happiness to the traditional home setting..." etc.
Speaking of the traditional home setting, and me being the thoughtful introvert, I've been thinking a lot about what I'm looking for in the few years to come. It's difficult to completely rely on God and trust that everything is in His hands, but I'm working on it. It's about stuff like college, and jobs, and grades, and videos, and all that stuff! It's so overwhelming, and I get so anxious over all of it. And at the same time, I don't want to do any of it and wish it was all done so that I could move on with this phase of life. Teenage-hood is just awkward. Especially if you've matured a bit past most of your peers. Ugh, oh well, no use in complaining, but I'm just saying.
All the stuff about where I'll go to college and how, how will my relationships last after graduation, will I study the right field, and so on. But what's even more pressuring is just everyday stuff. Like the video I'm producing for SXSW! It seems like everything's going terribly, I have so much work to do for it, so so so so much other stuff I need to do, this isn't going to even help me along in my life long-term, blah blah blah, and then I just have to stop and think. Okay, Michelle, it's not that bad, make a list, and see how little you really have going on right now. You can do it. Then, I'm in the right mind to pray that God gives me strength and helps me through it, and thank Him for all these opportunities that He has given me.
Over all, I think that if I concentrate on the big picture, at least as far as the far-ahead future goes, instead of worrying about all these details, and really trust God with those details, I'll be so much better off. That also goes for present-day details, but I can't help paying attention to them so I just need to trust God with them at the same time, leaving them up to Him. What's my big picture future look like then? Well, I continue to pray that the Lord shapes me into the woman that HE desires me to be, and that I would want the same things for me as He does. I do hope to go to a good college, get a Master's at least, get married, be married, be the "wifey" role in the house, then later have children, and that's as far as I'll go so far.
I don't get people who say that they would never want to be married or have kids. Maybe marriage I can understand a little bit, but to not have kids?! Uh uh. I have another weird obsession with pregnancy and babies -- I always have. It weirds out my boyfriend, which I think is hilarious. But come on, don't you ever wander through the baby-clothing section or the maternity section at your favorite store and think, "Ohhh my goodness that is so ADORABLE!" Well I do, and I'm proud of it. I'm very opinionated when it comes to that kind of stuff, like parenting in general. I hear people say that I'd be a good teacher or a good mom. (: However, I would like to enjoy the child-less married life, too. Actually, before I dated Gavin, I had this idea of marriage almost being the reason to have kids. That just proves how God can teach us so much through relationships.
Anyways, if you're still reading this, I'd like to take a moment of silence and a moment of appreciation for you and your waste of time, reading my thoughts.

Thank you. Now, happy Thanksgiving, happy Friday, happy Black Friday, and see you later.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Too much!

There's way too much that I could talk about... I'll just start with the fact that (1.) school has been crazy as always, so nothing new there. I am obsessed with psychology. It's a problem. I just ordered this book "Cupid's Code", and it's fantastic. Oh man.

2. I need to post my recent buys soon. :E Lot's of cool stuff!

3. I was thinking about cutting my hair again, but then I'm like no, but yes! But no. Yes! NO. So... no.

4. As life's been crazy and lots of stuff's been going on, God still continues to teach me so much. He's taught me that loving Him honestly is not just humbling yourself but approaching Him with a sincere need for Him and His holy spirit. It's taking a look at your day and going, "Man, this is why I need God, and this is how much I need Him." It's crazy awesome, and I love it so much.

5. Naturally, I'm learning things about myself. Lately, I've become more aware of situations where I take a lot of social interactions really personally. I went to broomball last weekend, I think, with my youth group. Gradually, I started to feel like I didn't belong, like people didn't really care if I was there, yada yada yada, the usual lies my mind tempts me with. And it didn't really hit me too bad until I literally got hit -- bad. So I limped my bruised self off of the ice rink and sat there, watched everyone else play. Initially, I was going to wait for the pain to go away and then get back in, but I felt happier outside than inside, so that's where I was the rest of the time, sleeping in the bleachers.
That's kind of a weird thing to do I'm sure, and the same overall situation happened earlier in October, too. So, of course, I looked into it. Prayed about it. Researched it. Turns out that I either have a bunch of confidence and feel like I'm at the top, or all of a sudden I have zero confidence and feel like I'm at the bottom. While praying, I asked why, also apologizing at the same time because I felt like what God told me initially wasn't enough. He used that to show me how I feel like I need to have control, security, and self-awareness. Anyways, long story short, I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert... "enjoys understanding details, interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding, tends to keep emotions private, quiet and reserved in large groups or around unfamiliar people, more sociable and gregarious around people they know well..." And I was like man, it always boils down to control, doesn't it?!

It's okay! I accept that, I think it's awesome, and God helps me do that.

6. Gavin, my dear, has a blog. Go and check it out. (:

I very much enjoy taking pictures of him. Especially with this new style he's got going on. (; 
Speaking of which, Gavin will be getting his wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, and I'm going to go and pamper and care for him aaaallll daaayyy looonngg. :E <3 It's going to be incredible. Ice cream, milkshakes, movies, reading, AHH, and taking care of my love.


I'm going to cry... My grandmother from my mom's side wrote a wonderful journal about her life for me, which I will be very excited to read when I'm of age. (: I want to do the same for Lexie, but the journal would not be about my life, but instead, it would be about life lessons that I have learned and want to share with her. I am determined in being a role model in her life, someone she can always count on, look up to, talk to, cry with, and trust, while showing the majesty and love of the King.

8. I'm producing a mind-blowing, awesome, crazy-stressful short film for SXSW and DIFF. WISH ME LUCK. PRAY FOR ME. DO THE RAIN DANCE FOR ME. WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. Currently I'm worried about getting actors and actresses, but ndjkhfukla! God provides!

9. Good movies I've seen lately: Drive, Fight Club, and Raising Arizona. Drive was awesome for a lot a lot a lot of reasons. Fight Club was so messed up and crazy but awesome so I'm not sure if I would ever watch it again but I still loved it at the same time, and that's what makes it so incredible to me. It moved me. Raising Arizona was not the funniest movie I've seen, not at all, but it was still hilarious, classic, and awesome. I'm hoping to get my hands on Black Swan soon, but we'll see.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. See, everything works out when you number things. I'm telling you, it's true.


Monday, October 1, 2012

How September went... a long story. But, I will try to find some time this week to write about Junior year so far. I have a bunch of stuff to do with school AND I have a job now! Woop woop! :D

Anyways, be patient with me.

Here's the September NT Fuze show! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent News

Well, the biggest piece of news, and one that I can start with, would probably have to be that my junior year of high school is about to start! Woohoo? I'm super excited but also in a scared way! Hahah. So what does junior year mean to me? Well, let's pull out another one of my classic lists...

  • SATs
  • Job?
  • Suomikoulu/Finnish school teacher for babies <3
  • Helping to lead the Bible study at New Tech
  • 10:24 Bible study
  • Making lots of videos for NT Fuze (I'm a director)
  • More reading!
  • Dual-Credit classes at North Lake Community College
  • College prep
  • AP courses
  • Networking Team Captain
  • Volunteering at the tech booth every other Wednesday
  • Making videos for IBC High School Ministry
  • American Red Cross Club and Film Club
  • Working out
  • Waking up early
That looks like a pretty full list to me. Here's my schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: AP Study Skills, College Release & Independent Study, Physics, AP English & AP United States History, Independent Study, Networking Leadership, NT Fuze, Algebra II.
Tuesday, Thursday: Psychology at North Lake, Physics, AP English & AP United States History, Independent Study, Networking Leadership, NT Fuze, Algebra II.

Recently, I finished the Convocation Video for our very own Coppell Independent School District. It was a long process overall, but the filming itself took about 1.5 hours, and editing only took me about 11.5 hours. Here's the video:
I was so relieved that it was officially finished whenever I turned in the DVDs. It had been a project that was at least at the back of my mind ever since April of this year. Filming it was very fun, and we got to work with Coppell's Velocity along with everyone from the school district!
Tuesday and today, we filmed the Staff Video for New Tech. That was also super fun, even though it felt like it was going to take forever and be way too complicated, but we survived! That will be posted soon, too.

I've gotten to babysit a lot recently, which has been extremely fun! However, I've also been looking into getting a real job. Not just any real job, but a job at Private Gallery in Coppell! Here's a link to their website. It's this gorgeous, high-end clothing store that's not just new to Coppell but also to Texas. Three of my new shirts and one of my new purses is from there, if you look at the second post after this one. I turned in my application, resume, and transcript, and it sounded pretty promising! I've been there to shop and visit every week lately, and I get to go in again next Monday to catch up with the manager, Jill, about possible job openings! I'm so excited! I really want to work there; it would be so amazing! And I really think it's the perfect job for me!

Before I'm off to write and print thank you letters, do my nails, and maybe watch some movies or How I Met Your Mother on netflix, I'll finish off with a little book talk. I love reading, but it has to be the perfect book. It has to be one that I can't put down, can't wait for a free moment to open it up again. Our summer reading book? Not quite what I just described. It's interesting and cool, but it's almost like reading a textbook, quite ironically. It's called Lied My Teacher Told Me, and it basically reteaches American History. Which is great because I don't remember squat from my 8th grade U.S. History class, nor did I take any other history classes because of the timing of my move to the States. Anyway, I'm just hoping to finish it so that I can go out and by this book that I really want to read next: God Girl. Oh my gosh, it's written by Haley DiMarco, who is awesome, and it sounds so amazing and perfect. Gah! Here's my book list:

  • God Girl: Becoming the Woman You're Meant to Be by Haley DiMarco
  • The Empty Glass by J.I. Baker
  • The Dateable Rules: A Guide to the Sexes by Haley DiMarco
  • The Dirt On Dating by Haley DiMarco
  • The Woman of Mystery: Unveiling the Secret to True Romance by Haley DiMarco
If you guys have any book suggestions or need any book suggestions, come talk to me! Oh, and mom helped me solve my little Marilyn Monroe dilemma a while ago. I bought Marilyn's autobiography, and it was so good! I didn't want to put it down, but when I had to, I couldn't wait for the next free moment to open it up again. Sadly, and obviously, it just stopped. The ending was so abrupt that I was like, "Wait, what? No!" and I became very curious about her death. That's why The Empty Glass is still on the list. I took off Misfit for now since, although I'm sure it's a fantastic book, it's not actually based on real events and writings, I think, so -- officially it's fictional.

That's all for now! I'm going to buy some nail polish, eat dinner, write & print the thank you letters for Honduras, and then if I have time, I'll watch a movie and do my nails. Don't want to be going to bed too late so that I get used to the "waking up early, going to bed early routine".


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


...over bustier tops and studs.

Why are they so expensive and hard to find?! I may stud some of my shorts myself...

5 Birthday Photos with Gavin

Back to School Shopping

After many hours of babysitting recently, having lots of fashion inspiration, and getting ready for junior year, I've been doing some shopping! This is all bought in the past 2-3 weeks:

I was looking up Emma Watson's outfits on google images one time, hehe, and I found this picture of her. It's actually posted in one of my earlier posts.

And then I decided... I'm gonna get that outfit! So, I already had black flats and round sunglasses, I bought black pants from H&M in Finland, I bought a black purse from Private Gallery a few days ago, and then today, I went to CCA and got myself a gray sweater and a gray and white, button-up, plaid shirt.

I love it! Causal. Warm. Comfy. Stylish. And the handbag fits my regular purse stuff plus my bible, journal, summer reading book, and my laptop charger! Amazing.
Lately, I've also been to Private Gallery at least once a week. Here's what else I got from there besides the handbag above...
Orange/Coral Top, Private Gallery, $56.50 - 50% off = $28.25

Gold Hoop Earrings, Private Gallery, $5.00

Mint Top, Private Gallery, ~$24.50

Orange Top, Private Gallery, ~$26.50

Mom and I have also been making some trips to Ross in search of lost and abandoned treasures. Here's what I "adopted" from Ross... (:

Red Top, Ross, $8.99 (Original Price: $24.00)
Red and Black Top, Ross, $11.99 (Original Price: $32.00)

Pink/Coral Top, Ross, $12.99 (Original Price: $32.00)
Tan Nine West Heels, Ross, ~$17.99 (Original Price: $99.00)
And here are the rest!

Cream/Peach Top, Forever XXI, $14.80
Gold Necklace, New York & Co., ~$12.00

I've started to like gold more than silver lately. Maybe it has to do with the color of my hair. 
Some crediting must take place at this time... Mommy got me everything that was from Ross and Nine West, plus the necklace. Kiitti, mama! I edited three of the photos with this amazing website that Tua posted about. Kiitti, Tua! :E