Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aug 1st, 2011

Today was such a fun day:D
I met up with Kea and Tua, and we all stayed at Tua’s place for a bit. Then, we took the bus to Sello and went shopping for quite a while. I found a bunch of cute stuff, but this HAS to be the last time i go shopping in Finland this summer cause I gotta save up some confirmation money too :/
Here’s what I bought today:

top and shorts (dress-code-freaking-appropro). the shorts are kinda big but they’re SOOO comfy. (: image

lipstick and cover-up image

top, simple but cute image

casual-formal top, maybe something i can wear to presentations at NEW TECH!!! WHAAAT. image

simple high heels, also something i can wear to presentations image

these bows are going to look so adorable once i have my short hair:D


turqoise bikinis were on sale cause the summer’s pretty much ended in Finland, but not in TEXAAAAS;D OH YEAH. So there you have it. Tomorrow, i’m going to go to their kiosk with Tua to chill for a bit as Kea finishes up her work. After that, we’re going to see HP7(: I’m bringing napkins this time, though.
Wednesday, Daniel and I are going on a little adventure trip around Espoo(: we’ll most likely go to Garden City Playschool and then to Sammenkuja, but we’ll see.
Thurday, so far all i have planned is going to the movies with Kaisa to see some Finnish movie!
Friday, my last day, I’m going to Mestakansa early in the morning to take pictures of grandma’s clinic there and hopefully get some good shots that make nice advertisement flyers for her.
Saturday seems so far away, but we’re leaving at about noon to go to the airport. Then from there, we fly to Chicago, and from Chicago we fly to Dallas! We’ll probably arrive in dallas around 10pm, so i’ll officially be back on Sunday, i guess(: I’m excited to go to IBC again and see everyone then!
Bleh, I’m sad to leave Finland and everyone here, but i’m also ready to see all my friends back in Dallas and feel the hot sun on my skin and all that jazz. And my haircut! That’s coming up soon too. I still have to research better pictures of short haircuts to show my hairdresser. And schedule pick up! And summer reading!
Ahhh, i swear, the vacation’s already ended. :P

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