Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jul 22nd, 2011

HP 7 Part 1... Two days ago, I finally got to see this amazing film, and surprise, surprise, I cried during most of it. Yes, I’ve read the freaking book, don’t judge me! I’d say the beginning was about half an hour, and the movie was about 2.5 hours, so I cried for about two hours straight. And I sat between my two godsiblings, sort of cousins, whatever you want to call them, and neither of them were crying as much as I was, one of them actually didn’t cry at all, but anyways, I kept trying to hold in the crying so otherwise I would’ve seriously bawled my eyes out.
I can’t wait to upload my freaking pictures!!! Oh my goodness.

Tomorrow’s my confirmation! Waking up early to get ready and stuff :D then from there we go to Jerri’s, my godbrother’s/cousin’s, after-party on their army boat (it’s super cool)! Then from there I’m either going to go to one of my grandma’s houses or to the hotel where my family’s staying. Sunday, we may be going to särkänniemi! (: And after that, i’ll finally be heading back to Helsinki for my last two weeks <3 Feels like it’s been forever since I came to Tampere.

I really really really wanna post all the stuff that i’ve bought, but they’ll just have to wait.

I’m officially cutting my hair when I come back to Dallas, too.

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