Monday, April 9, 2012

So tired!

There are some really strange thoughts that go through my head when I'm tired out of my mind.

  • "Why are we out of whip cream?! What is this? Is this a joke?"
  • "Why do I love this album so much?!"
  • "I should get people to hang out with me... Status? Ahah! You know you're a loser when you want to write a status about wanting to hang out with people. Okay."
  • "I'm so tireeeed."
  • Crappedy... what?
Me and like 12 other people went camping last night, and I probably slept a total of one and a half hours at most. What's weird is that I'm actually mean when I'm tired. :(
Anyway! Whoever is reading this should send me their address in a non creepy way but so that I can mail my letter to you. <3

Lately, nothing too big has been going on. Just same old same old busy schedules and stuff. I did see The Hunger Games with Gavin though! IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE OH MY... Got accepted to Sociedad Honoraría Hispánica and National Honor Society! Woop woop. And next week is Dallas Film Festival :D I'll post some videos up soon. I gotta post "Inner Creature", my propaganda piece, and edit my New York video.

Anyways, sorry I was so weird in this post. This was me complaining about how tired I was and trying to sound interesting.
God bless! Hope everyone had a good Easter! (:
It's so incredible that we have a Risen Savior who is alive!

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