Monday, December 10, 2012

Rearranging around!

So, I did this a while ago, but I never got to post about it!

I moved my drawer under the red shelf, which I got from Canton at the beginning of the year, so that I could have this little assortment of things there.

Gavin has been getting into old cameras recently, and I, being a photography geek, adore that. He took some pretty cool polaroids!

I moved this to the corner of my room, added the candles (from Walgreens), the wooden flowers (from Canton), the bandana cloth (from my grandmother), and the heads (also from Canton).

After repositioning my bed, I moved my awkward, leaning bookcase to the most awkward corner of my room. But to make it a little more interesting, I set up the shelves a bit differently. They're a work in progress -- as is everything in my room, it seems.

I got this from CCA on my and Gavin's anniversary last March. I love it so much!

Here's the loft!

These little frames are still needing their pictures but I thought I would post them anyway. I got them from Honduras last summer! <3

This is also from Honduras. Isn't it beautiful? The bracelet that is on the cross was given to me by one of the kids at the orphanage. It was one of many moments that amazed me; I would complement people on their jewelry, pictures, crafts, whatever it was, and they would always ask if I wanted it and offer it to me. It was just a huge expression of humbleness, sharing, and love. So with that necklace, a boy insisted that I keep it.

With my newly organized shelf, I wanted to do something creative with my books. Here's what I did! Cute, huh?

The usual pictures are still there.

I took my babushkas off the shelf and placed them by the window. (: They remind me of Russia and my Armenian heritage.

These pictures were all already here.

Anything that I think is pretty and that droops, I'll hang here, by the thumbtacks that are holding my and Gavin's painting in place.

AND THE MOBILE! Probably my favorite piece of my room. I had some polaroid cards that I bought (from Urban Outfitters), too much neon pink yarn, and the first bouquet of flowers that Gavin ever got me. So I put em all together, and here's what came out of it! I've actually added little picture cards that I drew when I was really young.


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