Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent buys

The sweater was bought for Gavin as an early Christmas present ($4, CCA)
I bought the purse for myself ($6, CCA). The button had the letter "P" for "Perlina" on it.

The dress ($12) was from *cough cough* Ross, which I have found to be a great place to look for treasures, thanks to Mom.
The white leggings are from H&M ($5)

Here's me with my new, festive scarf ($2, some thrift store) and new, white, Karen Scott sweater ($4, CCA)!

Adorable lace shirt form a thrift store that Gavin in and I went to. I don't remember the name of it. ($5)

Same store as above! ($4)

Super cute pair of jeans that I have received a lot of compliments about. ($16, Ross)

Since I have three pairs of black boots, I thought it was time for some brown ones... ($35, Charlotte Russe)
And a "field drab" shade of this jacket! ($130, American Eagle)

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