Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day In Helsinki

Of course, I finally had Hesburger after being deprived of it and it's super-mega-awesome paprikamajoneesi. <3

Gavin would absolutely love it here in Helsinki, so I sent this to him yesterday, trying to make him understand how it feels to be in Helsinki again.
           The weather is just right. In the summer, you've got rain and sun every week. Today, it was partly cloudy, 70 degrees in the sun, with a breeze, and the hottest that it will get, probably for the rest of the year since the summer is short, is 78 degrees.
           If I had to pick a city to nominate one for its fashion/design and culture, I would pick Helsinki. I'm inspired to become a street-style photographer just by being there, but I would only want to photograph in Helsinki. When I'm on the top floor of the ferry, I put my camera away in my bag, squinting my eyes at the bright sunlight with the crisp, cold wind in my face, wrapped snugly in a blanket, watching other boats with people waving at me go by, passing foresty islands with cottages, piers, giant rocks, flags waving in the wind, seagulls flying overhead, I feel the need to close my eyes soak in every drop of it. It might have been the cold wind in my eyes, but I teared up when I looked at the peaceful horizon of islands, the sea, and the partly cloudy sky.
           The phrase that kept coming up in my thoughts were "full of life." I can see from the ferry, across the sea, at an apartment-filled neighborhood on an island where women are jogging, parents are walking with their kids and strollers, ice cream cones in hand, couples are sitting on the beach, some on the sides of the pier. I can walk through the Helsinki market square and smell the catch of the day, freshly blooming summer flowers, the last of the summer strawberries, and the scent of pulla and coffee from cafes. I can hear jazz, humppa, violin-playing, musical art with water-filled glass bottles, and many languages of all kinds as people pass by. I can watch street dancers, entertaining metal men, and just people, sitting in the park, having picnics, walking with their children, walking their dogs, shopping with their friends, waiting in line to get into a restaurant with a date, and pulling down the roof of their 1950s car as some people stop to take pictures.
           And if you want to get away from the city life, you can, of course, go to the sea, get on an island, walk through forests, pick blueberries and chanterelles, read in a hammock next to the lake, get in the old wood sauna by the lake, and whatever else your heart desires.


  1. Upeita kuvia täältä Helsingistä. Pitääkö äitisi vielä blogia, seurasin sitä aikoinaan.


    1. Kiitos paljon! Ja ei äiti enään blogia pidä, valitettavasti.

    2. Hei Jonna!
      En ole ehtinyt sitä päivittämään. Tässä tyttären blogia katsellessa melkein tekisi mieli, mutta kun aika ei riitä :D Terkkuja täältä koti-Suomesta!
      - Maria

    3. Hei!
      Tämä Michellen blogi on tosi hieno. Bongasin tämän Allun fb-sivulta ja aloin seuraamaan. Näytät Maria upealta kuvassa. Toivottavasti kaikki on kivasti. Laitahan sitten tänne linkkiä jos taas herättelet blogisi henkiin. Teidän USA elämää oli mukava seurata. Näyttää siltä, että jäätte pysyvästi sinne.

      Toivottavasti sää paranee ja Helsinki näyttää teille parhaimpansa.

      Terkuin, Jonna