Saturday, July 27, 2013


The Finnish countryside puts a whole new meaning to peaceful.

At the country, there's no wi-fi, no running water, no traffic -- nothing but soft green grass, moss, forests, birds, berries, the lake, and the sky. I slept for 12 hours both nights, and I think it's simply because of how peaceful and silent it is there.
Altogether, we picked almost a whole bucketful of blueberries and maybe 40-50 chanterelles.
And the wood sauna was gorgeous! There was this window on the side of the sauna that showed the country side field and forests in the sunset. The view could have been a screensaver! It was incredibly refreshing and wonderful to afterwards step out of the sauna and hand-wash your hair with the water from your bucket, then step out into the crisp outdoors with the light blue and yellowy-pink sky from the sunset, the gentle wind in your clean, cold hair, and the pillow-like, green grass beneath your squeaky-clean feet.
It was all worth the mosquito bites.

New sweater from Gina Tricot <3

Finally, I asked my mom to take some pictures of me, and she did an awesome job!

Wednesday was super cold, so we were all covered from head to toe. I had two layers on under this jacket, and my face was covered in double-layered mosquito-repellent.

New shirt from H&M

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