Thursday, July 4, 2013

My birthday and more...

So, I must mention this birthday curse that I have... Ever since I was a little kid, something bad has happened on my birthday. When I was five, my best friend, Ulriikka, from my daycare didn't make it to my party last minute so we had to celebrate separately the day before. When I was seven, my baby brother got all the attention at my party because he was stung by a bee that he picked up. When I was fourteen, I was grounded. I've cried on my birthday the last three years. Okay, I'm being dramatic, but the thing is that I get to laugh at all of it and then carry on... anticipate next year.
At least I don't hate my birthday as much as I used to, and I think God, through Gavin and my mother especially, has been behind that. I'm just really not into the whole, "Hey that's the same day as my birthday OMG" "Heeey my birthday's in 23 daaaays!" "It's my birthdaaay!" "Ah my gaaad!" "Everyone come to my partyyy!"
So, my birthday consisted of Chinese dinner with the family on the night before, and then I spent the day with Gavin, watching Moomin, going to Zenzero, eating pancakes, etc. Him and his parents got me Iittalan Teemaa. <3
I got some incredible gifts from my family, and I'm so so so thankful! The highlight gift from my family has to be the 1.8 50mm lens. As you will see, I've been putting it into a lot of use!

my cutie and my collection <3 eating peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes with butter and maple syrup, tea and orange juice on the side. Mmmm.
Facebook Status about Gavin on my birthday:
Only one guy in this world would buy me Finnish designer bowls, watch Moomin while I translated, put up with me and my new sonic screwdriver, AND go shopping with me on my birthday. It was awesome. He is awesome.

Since my birthday, time has flown by. Maybe it's because I work 30 hours a week.

Soon I'll be in Finland!!! I'm so excited.

Gavin doin some modeling for me. ;D hahaha

His manuscript recently reached 100 pages, all written on a typewriter. I continue to be more and more impressed by him.

Gavin and I are avid antique window-shoppers. We recently went to the Antique Gallery in Lewisville (pictured below), but my favorite shops have been in Austin and McKinney on the square.

I have to post about this mid-century modern love seat (below). I've been drooling over it at the Antique Gallery. It is adorable, and I can't stand it! I might ask for it as my graduation present if it's still there then.

Here's some music to get that Suomifiilis in my anticipation of going there in 2 weeks!!! Enjoy!

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