Thursday, July 18, 2013

Visiting Mummoja ♥

Today, we hung out with my godmother, Kaisa, with whom I will go shopping tomorrow, (yay!) and visited my grandmothers, Leena-mummi and Hilkka-mummi. (: It was really precious to get to see them both at the same time. Here are some pictures of our visit and my outfit of the day.

Here's me while we were heading over to the bus stop.

We brought ourselves some bebe-leivoksia from Stockmann. Yummm. 

Hilkka-mummi made us some of her Finnish peasoup with pork. Also yummm.

For my hair, I washed it in the evening, did not brush it, then let it air-dry for an hour or so, and put in two french braids  (one for the top-half of my hair, one for the bottom-half) overnight. In the morning, my hair looked like this! Then I added some hairspray to keep it in.
For my eyemakeup, I put on eyeliner and an eye shadow that matched the blue in my eyes and my outfit. I also added some white eyeshadow to the inner corners to brighten up! And, of course, red lipstick. (;
Marja-Liisa got me this bandana for my birthday!! It's a map of Helsinki. <3

Here's Hilkka-mummi, me, and Leena-mummi! :D

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