Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome to Finland! ~ food, outfit, kitchenware

We're finally here -- in the homeland. (: My mother, brother, and I, got up at 3:30am to head to the airport, from which we traveled to Amsterdam, and then Amsterdam to Helsinki-Vantaa. We were picked up by Sami's parents and get to stay at my Opa's apartment in Tapiola for the next two weeks. Immediately after we dropped off our bags at the apartment, we went and bought ourselves some typical Finnish groceries, such as pinaattilettuja, trip mehukattia, karjalanpiirakoita, daim ja fazer suklaata, prinssinnakkeja, kalkkunanakkeja, lihapiirakkaa, maksalaatikkoa, ja viiliƤ! Mmm. (:

It's a comfy, happy-feely kinda day, so I wore something comfortable and casual, but also adorable, to wear.

That scarf has turned out to be the best thing that I bought from London last spring. It makes the outfit by adding something that catches the eye and frames my face. It's also easy to match with the black and brown. I have been wanting to get something else that is leopard print, maybe some ballet flats, so I will be looking out for those while I'm here.

In case you did not know, I am obsessed with kitchenware. More specifically: Scandinavian kitchenware. It's quite a normal fetish here in Finland, so when I walked into Stockmann's kitchen & dining section today, I felt like I had just walked though some golden gates into paradise. As of now, I collect a design called Iittala, specifically their series of plate-ware, Teema. You can see my collection so far in the most recent post about my room (click here). I'll need to make an official post of my collection. Anyway, I'm trying to decide what I should buy next, but in order to complete my set of 3 cups, 3 bowls, and 3 plates, I still need 2 dinner plates, one in teracotta red and one in dark blue. If I don't find those two together, then I'll get the light green pasta bowl and dinner plate that I already have a cup for. I've also been keeping an eye on Marimekko's adorable teapots and cups, but they start going from a-little-over-my-budget to way-over-my-budget.

Now, if you're not Scandinavian, then you may be wondering, "Why in the world would you get super-expensive, designer plates, cups, glasses, pots, etc?!" There are 3 answers that I come up with, off the top of my head, to this question:
(1) They're gorgeous. Why have boring, old, plain, normal stuff to serve food with when your kitchenware could totally make the table (and make your food look amazing)? You can mix and match, play around, set the table all fancy, and add some pops of color, whatever you feel!
(2) It's a collectible. There are limited-time designs, classic designs, and new designs that will once in a while become available, and it's kind of a hobby to collect them.
(3) They're feminine. Sure, designer purses, shoes, and other clothing are all great, but what else is there that is a designer product which women can use for years to eat with, use as conversation starters, share with others, and whip-out at special occasions? None other than designer kitchenware! And what's especially feminine about them is that when you've got yourself a gorgeous collection, you can set the table, cook dinner, and anxiously await for your husband and children to join you at the table to enjoy their beauty as a whole. With a large collection, you could host an awesome dinner party! The table setting becomes so much more special with these kitchen supplies. Or maybe you could get up early make breakfast and coffee for your husband, making it all the more special, like in the picture below.

Besides Teema and Marimekko, though, I've had my eyes on a few other things for the kitchen as well. The theme here is the minimalist combination of white, wood, and stainless steel.

Obviously, I don't have my own kitchen yet where I could store these things, but why not start collecting early? I'll be ahead on all the necessary household supplies by the time I move into an apartment!

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