Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in Dallas!

I'm writing this post from Zenzero, and it's good to be back!
At the beginning of the summer, which feels like just a couple weeks ago, I came up with a plan where every other day I would alternate between working on college stuff and SAT/ACT practice. I started out okay, but then I realized that applications weren't available until August, and the things that I could work on beforehand, such as my resume, was already complete. So along with working 30 hours a week, that was the end of that. But now, it's August! So I'm finally getting down to business.

On Saturday, when I got back, Gavin set up an amazing surprise dinner for me. I wish I had taken a picture, but it's fine because that just goes to show how I was so overwhelmingly grateful for him and his acts of honor that I didn't even think about stopping and snapping a quick picture.
After dinner, we drove to Dallas, walked around Mockingbird Station, and checked out Crooked Tree (photo below), which gets their best baked delicacies from Zenzero.

Yesterday was full of fun! Gavin, Daniel, and I, went to swim with Alexandra. Afterwards, Alexandra had to take a nap, so Gavin and I went to have lunch at Sushi Yaa in Highland Village. It's a great sushi buffet that I have been to twice now! For $10 per person, you can get all sorts of different kinds of sushi and sides, such as their awesome dumplings. With Gavin having a shellfish allergy (maybe shellfish?), I was really stressing out about what he ate, but nothing happened, so that was good! He's still got to go to the allergy doctor, though. Then we went to his house, watched Adventure Time, went to church, rented Slumdog Millionaire, bought ice cream, and watched the movie at my house.
I had such a great weekend with my best friend, and it really made me so glad to be home. (:


P.S. I will be blogging about my Finnish purchases soon!

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