Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Week of Summer!

Senior year is almost here! I went to this Senior Planning meeting yesterday and am so pumped to experience and soak up all of it.
I am blogging from the Omni Hotel in Austin, TX, as my mom and I are college visiting UT! That'll be tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures from the past week!

While Mr. and Mrs. Pugh were out of town, I thought it would be nice to relieve Gavin and his brother, Corbin, of their responsibility to feed themselves, so I tested the new cookbook that I got from Finland, Kotiruoka. It is so amazing!! It has amazing and quite simple Scandinavian recipes, including everything from cooking techniques to how to set your table for specific occasions. Below is a photo of Gavin trying out the veggie patties (with mushrooms and brown rice) that I made, and may I say, they were the best veggie patties I've ever had.

And I finally did my nails to let them grow out! I gave them a little late summer look. (Super easy nail tip: If you're not the nail artist, just use stickers and clear top coating! Really cute.)

I've also been working a lot and saving all the money I earn for next year's ticket to Finland. It's quite likely that Gavin will be tagging along with me!!! :D

I also went to schedule pick up earlier this week! For the first time in high school, I got to have a lot of say in the classes that I took. Here are the classes that I'm taking: Dual Credit Sociology, AP English, AP Biology, Photography, LLC, AP Statistics, and Dual Credit Art Appreciation. Such cool classes!

I got this book, Child Psychology, for just $10 to get more familiar with what I'm getting myself into with my major.

For Rookie Camp, my job was to work at the Question station, and the theme of the camp was the beach. So, I made the question box to be sort of like a sand castle! It was a fun little project. I somehow managed to make a hole in the wood of the base of the castle with a drill and a knife...

Yesterday, Gavin and I went shopping for him, and I have to post this picture of him trying on a trench coat because he looks so good in it! He bought a couple pairs of pants and some tea for his mom.

I love us.
Then, we went to Odd Fellows to study, and I finally took my first step in my college application process by finalizing my resume! So exciting!

Now here we are in Austin. We had a very nice dinner at the Driskill Hotel, and I am so excited to visit UT along with some awesome food places around there.

Tomorrow, I'll post a picture of the cute, easy outfit that I'm wearing to the UT Austin visit.


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