Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Professional Wear @ New Tech

I haven't exactly gotten to wear a "first day of school" outfit yet, but I will blog about it once I do! For the past 3 days, I have worn professional wear because I have been facilitating the Rookies in their first week projects. 

Wednesday's look

Wednesday's look

Monday's outfit

My senior overalls are coming along!! I should be finishing them tomorrow since it's game day on Friday (or do we only wear them on home game days? I don't even know).


Last but not least, I have two very fantastic videos to share with everyone:

Local Diner Music Video - from Verdugo Zrouse. These guys are Gavin's and my friends, one of whom works at the Local Diner here in Coppell.

Lighing Experimentation Music Video (Santigold) - from Aliya Haq; starring Sofia Romero, Chloe Bennett, Sophia Haq and Sarah Clarke. These are some super talented girls from North Hills!

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  1. Tosi ihania vaatteita ja super n├Ąttimys :*