Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting for Fall

All the people that said senior year was easy and fun must have finished their college applications over the summer, not had a job, not taken all AP classes & been in LLC at the same time, and have taken their ACT/SATs before school started. I feel like those tests are against me, seriously.

It frustrating, it's hot, it's humid, so autumn is more then welcome here in Coppell, TX. Not to mention the fall clothes that come with them... I'm so excited!

I also got my first ticket; there was a sign that said "ONLY 7:15-8:15AM" with an arrow pointing right. Hadn't noticed it before, so by accident I disobeyed the sign and kept driving straight. That's how I got my ticket.
I'd say it's a pretty minor offense, plus there's a first time for everything, and I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious... like speeding, running a stop sign, or running a red light. Those can all be accidents too, but they're pretty bad. 

When I am not at school and dual credit, or driving to dual credit for 45 minutes in morning traffic, I am working, doing ACT practice, homework, or studying. Even if I'm with Gavin, we take most of the time out of our dates for school work. It's been nonstop, and I have a feeling that it will continue to be so until I get all my college applications sent in. As far as my work schedule, we should soon have a set schedule in place so that I only have to work 3 hours a week at minimum, 11 hours at most. I love my job, but school and my well being is very much more important.

So when I blog and edit photos, that is my relax in glasses, a t-shirt, with tea time. Helps me take a breather and do something I enjoy.

With that, I am finally posting pictures from Labor Day:

As well as my Senior Photography Sneak Peek - (Melissa Flanagan Photography)

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