Sunday, October 6, 2013

Perot & Date

Finally, I got to visit the Perot museum with my family. Although it was a little crowded with little kids, it was still very cool. Obviously the British science museum surpasses the Perot, any day, but that's especially because the British museum had a whole hall for the human mind (the Perot museum had maybe 3 obvious posters about the brain). 
And the rain! Oh, the rain was magnificent on that day.

I took Gavin on a surprise picnic! He looked so classy and 1940s-like. What a handsome man I've got! (: 

We tried different cheeses, crackers, drank Orangina, and ate grapes and cashews. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, but I got to use my picnic case for the first time! :D It's in some serious need of cleaning since I bought it form the antique gallery in McKinney, TX. It's adorable though. Can't wait to get it completely cleaned and restocked with plates and what not!
If you're thinking about doing this for a date, heads up... It cost me about $50. But it was so much fun, so classy, and a great experience. <3
Cough cough... Notice my three Iittala plates above? Oh yes, I know. They're adorable.

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