Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cooking Night!

The other weekend, Gavin and I decided to put up a stay-at-home dinner date night. We decided on what to cook, ran by the grocery store, and got to work. Although it took 2.5 hours to finally sit down and eat it all, it was well worth it, and cooking with Gavin is the bomb. (:

My mom gave us the easy, cheap idea of doing simple crepe wraps / burritos.

Oreo watched us cook, anxiously waiting for something to drop from the stove.

We also wanted an appetizer, so we stuffed and baked 2 tomatoes with the rice-tomato-beef-cheese mixture. Then, we topped the stuffing with basil and garlic salt. Yummm.

And of course, you've got to set the table for the dinner night! One of my favorite parts because I get to whip out my iittala plates... :D

And finally, we had dessert! I looked up a "quick" recipe for the Finnish pulla (buns / cinnamon rolls), and I guess I should have read the instructions first because the dough was runny. So, instead of having pulla rolls, we had pulla cake! Haha. There you go. Pikapullat. Man, was it delicious though!

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