Monday, February 3, 2014


This time between applying to colleges and getting accepted -- or denied -- into colleges is so nerve-wracking and uneventful, it seems like. I've been told that my status should be updated later this month, so that's really exciting. And by really exciting, I mean even more nerve-wracking and incredible.

At least I've been able to distract myself with things like this weekend's retreat, school work, hanging out with my grandma and sister, photography, and... Hockey. It's definitely a part of the Finn in me. Since my uncle Ilkka, who works for a Finnish sports agency, came to visit, I got to go to three Dallas Stars games in the span of two weeks. (To be fair, one of those games was with my stepdad who also gets tickets every now and then. Thanks Sami!) It was so amazing!

As you can see, Gavin got to come with us as well.

Me, Ile, Mikael Granlund, Daniel, and Gavin

Daniel, Valeri Nichushkin, and I

Me, Jussi Jokinen, and Daniel
Kiitos Ile tosi paljon! Thanks for those awesome opportunities! Love you!

Here are some pictures from other recent events.

Leena-mummi (grandma Leena) and Alexandra @ Dallas Zoo

Sister love. <3

Bebe Jami is growing so fast.

Sky Ranch Winter Retreat 2014 - Senior Girls \m/

One more thing: Please keep the Heidtke family in your prayers. "Knowing Sandy was, indeed, God's blessing to each of us. She is remembered as a woman who lived life to the fullest, showed kindness and respect to all, laughed easily and loved her God." -- [3]

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