Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Orientation Tips

For the class of 2018, orientation is one of those things this summer that everyone is guaranteed to have some mixed feelings about. I sure did. I was nervous, worried that I would have to room with someone even more strange than me (hah yeah right), worried that I wouldn't fit in, and just clueless about what we would even be doing for those three days. I was also excited to get to sign up for classes, become familiar with the campus, and get to know my future faculty members. So, I'd like to give some pointers to those that have yet to go to orientation this summer...

1. Relax.

Everyone is in the same boat as you at orientation. It's a whole new world where you're forced into situations that you haven't been in before, but hey, it's okay. So is everyone else. Just relax, smile, and have a good time. Introduce yourself. Take the lead in your small groups or teams. If you need help with anything, just ask! If someone else looks like they need help, offer it... Because it just feels really good to know that you're not alone.

2. Be Open.

Before you know it, Freshman Orientation will be over, and you'll wish you got just one more day to get acquainted with the people you're with (especially if you're an introvert, like me, and have a hard time getting to know people that quickly). So be open, and be ready to share about yourself and listen to others. That way, you can get as much out of orientation as possible in that little span of time.

3. Develop School Spirit.

This may be easy for some of you, and you may even have been born with school spirit, like most of my A&M friends, and that's awesome! Whoop! Sic 'em! Hook 'em! Yeah!
Now, what if your university wasn't actually your first choice? Then, your school spirit may not be expressed as whole-heartedly as it could be... I want you to consider why that is, besides because it wasn't your first choice. Aren't you proud of your choice? Aren't you going to own up to your commitment to the university, and celebrate it? UNT doesn't tend to get the hype that universities like SMU or UT does, and it wont unless the attitude of UNT's students and alumni make it so. I believe that at UNT, like at my high school, New Tech, I am in charge of my own learning, and I have the ability to take my academic career as far as I aspire to. I'm excited to be majoring in psychology and minoring in Development and Family Studies at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, and that makes me raise my talons in the air. Go Mean Green!!!
So fix that attitude of yours. Love your school, and share it with others. Because it's not just about the sports or the reputation... It's what you make it. You get what you put into it. I promise.

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4. Focus.

Orientation is the time to not just get to know future classmates and have fun, but to also (and most importantly) focus on your future education. Be prepared to ask questions and talk with advisors about your plans (or lack there of) in college. Try to read up on the requirements of your degree and on information about your college so that you're prepared and knowledgeable at orientation. It also wouldn't hurt to ask around about courses and professors that upperclassmen would recommend, so you know exactly what you're doing when it come time to register for classes.
You may also, at orientation, get the chance to figure out any other things with housing, financial aid, etc. so take some time to do that as well, if necessary. It's much easier that way than having to call or email them throughout the summer.

UNT Class of 2018, have fun at orientation! It is such a blast!!!

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