Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A cute pair will make me go crazy and fall head over heels.    (Haha. Haha... get it? Puns)
I've been shoe-shopping a bit lately and wanted to share about it. I would say these three pairs are pretty essential for any young lady's closet.

Hunter® Boots

These cuties are all that I hoped! Comfy, warm, durable, and classic. Definitely worth the wait. I usually wear a 7 to 7.5, but I bought these Hunter boots in US 6F.  I'll get some wellies (click here) to go with them some day but not right now. ($$$!)

Chuck Taylor® High Top Sneaker

My converse have been a little more problematic. I'm usually not one to buy something that doesn't fit me just right, but I've made an exception for these shoes. Their sizes run HUGE. I ended up getting a boys (kids) size 3 (as I mentioned, I'm more like a 7.5 in women's), which is just the right length, but they're also ridiculously narrow. Though maybe I just have wide feet. Still, I'm determined to break them in, and I'll try a couple new techniques to make sure that happens because I love how they look.

Lucky Brand© Booties

When it comes to boots, I think every fashionable lady's got to have at least one pair of black boots with a matching black purse, and one pair of brown boots, plus a brown purse to match those. Well, both my brown boots and brown purse wore themselves out, so I went for the recent trend: booties. They were $30 less than retail at Dillard's this weekend. I was so excited to get these particular brown boots, since I've also bought a couple Lucky Brand Jeans lately. They also fit as expected.

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